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Steph. Dig It.

If you have thin skin-fuck off.

I am 36 years of age. If you must know.
I grew up in NY,USA among wonderful Italian,English,
and Irish relatives.
The music,art,and culture weren't so bad either.

I live with my husband Chris, and our beautiful daughter Cora.
We currently live in NC,USA in the same town where they
film One Tree Hill(which sucks balls),
and where they filmed The Crow,
(the original,the only one that counts).
They film other stuff here too,most of it is not
worth mentioning.
But it's the beauty of the area that make it
worth anything,not the pop culture references,by far.
And we live in the downtown area,which basically is
the only area worth living in,unless you live right
on the beach.

On the whole my family,surfing(such as it is),
my music group and art/music community
involvement,and film industry work,
(how I sometimes make a "living"),
are the only reasons I live here.
I would rather be back in NY or living in Iceland.
No,I'm not kidding.
But no,I don't feel like I'm missing out living here.
I am quite content living my little life with my
people and my music/art.

Chris and I are in a band.
It is called Dirty Dakotas,and we've
been playing music for a long time,just cause
we love to.
We are not famous,obviously. Just people
in our little town doing our little thing.
I am also part of a noise collective performance
art troupe-910 Noise.
We are musicians/creators,and do not care about fame/coolness.
Never have,never will.

I am straight-edge. I don't care if you are or not.
I do not preach about it,but it does make me selective
about my environments and friends.
If you think I am not "fun" because I am "edge" than
you are a tool and make yourself open for ridicule by me.

I can be opinionated,rude and socially unacceptable, but
to the people who count I am loyal,warm,caring and generous.
Sometimes to a fault.

I am horrified by religious people.
Faith is great,but faith-filled people can be terrifying.
Just putting that out there.

Also want to put it out there that
if you do not "get" Jeff Buckley,chances are
I won't "get" you,nor want to.
I may,or may not be kidding. ;)
If you don't know who he is,look him up and
do us both a favor.

I am a Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist.
I work freelance in salons and spas, and on movies,photo shoots,
etc up and down the east coast,USA.
I do not do any of these things
to be special or famous or brag. I just like to make people
feel good about themselves.
So far people like my work,and I
like learning how to be better at what I do.

If any of this is boring to you I don't give a
shit-it's my life and not subject to your approval.
If you want to know more,ask. Who knows,I may oblige.