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I said I would update didn't I...

Well,the big deal was I had a breast cancer scare.
I found a lump in my right breast which they immediately did a biopsy for and I had to wait a week for the results,which thankfully turned out benign.
It was an infected duct which has now cleared up. I am still in some pain from the biopsy bruising but fine.

I was in hell for awhile. Imagining the worst,not wanting to hear how it would be alright form people who I know were wel meaning but were not doctors who were going to give me test results. Thinking that I was going to have cancer,chemo,lose a breast,lose my life,Cora was going to lose her mommy and Chris lose his mate,my family lose me too.
No matter what you think you know and how many catch phrases you pick up about cancer in your lifetime from tv movies and cancer fundraisers,once you hear the word "biopsy" come out of your doctors mouth,all rational goes out the window.

But I was stoic. I only really lost it once. Because I couldn't lose it in front of Chris and Cora. I needed to be strong for myself and for them. I let it out to my therapist and just dealt with it.

The day of my results I documented with pictures myself waiting in the doctors office-the look on my face in horror as I sat there shaking and scared.
Then as soon as the doctor left after the good news a photo of my leaping up in my paper examination shirt with my fist of victory in the air and a silly grin on my face.
Now I can breath again.
Now I am alive again.
Because my life stopped when I heard the word biopsy,and I wanted it back. Now I have it back.

Onward I go. Back to the good things I have in my life and the good people I cherished before this happened-that I didn't need a cancer scare to remind me of.

I will try and update here more. I have bands and Makeup work that I do,lots of fun stuff. I have my own Myspace you can ask to friend and a Facebook page.
And a Model Mayhem page if you are in the makeup world.
Whatever,just be legitimately asking or I'll know otherwise,lol.

I hope you are well if you are reading this out there somewhere.

I have a big update coming.

I can't do it right now cause I'll be off to bed.
Next day or so. I promise.
Good stuff and bad stuff.
Cheers kids,Steph


Ok,so yeah,obviously I don't update LJ at all.
I have a Myspace that you can friend if you like,ask me and receive,maybe.
BUT,I still love reading your posts if you are on my friends list,and I like all the little communities I am part of,so deleting me would be pointless. lol
Lots going on in my life,if you care to know,ask.

Alright now...

For the love of all that is fucking holy will you fucking people stop throwing gang signs!!!
Especially the whiter than white suburban kids. You look like fucking FOOLS. FOOLS I tell you.
That is all.


Well,after thinking that they were alive,from false reports,it is now said that only one of the miners trapped in West Virginia is actually alive...
So much for my believing in miracles...

Happy New Year my lovlies!

Let's see. I had a migraine Sat morning,so went to the ER for pain shot. Migraine went away and me and Chris and Cora sat on the couch,laughed,and ate ice cream while Dick Clark rang the new year in for us(oh,and Mariah Carey lipsynching her "performance",and wearing a dress too small for her now chubby ass,made us laugh quite a bit too,hehehehehe).
Nice and quiet,with my loved ones,and no hangover the next day(since I don't drink that wasn't going to happen anyway,lol).
THAT my friends,is the way to ring the new year in!
My best wishes to all of you for a stellar 2006.

Our shows with My Ruin this weekend!!!!

Behind the cut is all the info on our 2 shows with My Ruin this weekend in NC.
Hope to see some of you out and about!
Cheers,Stephanie-Session Nine

My Ruin show info for Friday and Sat in NC:
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If you support it, come out for the cause!
Tonight in Jacksonville,NC at The Arena-9 bands!

More info behind the cut:
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Session Nine are scorching their way through NC with the release of their new cd,"To the Hollow and Back".
On this journey we find ourselves in Fayetteville,NC.

Session Nine (headlining)
Out of Orbit
Feeding the Fire
@ John J's
106 S. Eastern Blvd,Fayetteville,NC
Cover: $5,$7 under 21

Don't miss out!!
See the site for more on the venue,bands,etc.

Session Nine